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Being a Website for the Author-Related Things of R. M. Huffman and Mark Huffman, Who are the Same Person

Thought of the Moment

How would I describe The Toot Fairy (spring 2021, Brown Books) in a single sentence? It's a delightful illustrated children's book about our shared human experiences*, filled to overflowing with humor* and warmth*.





A Gift For You

These holiday-themed vampire short stories haven't had a home in a while, but they do now!

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Reviews for The Toot Fairy

Craig Smith

Award-winning international bestselling author of The Wonky Donkey

"A good giggle. In this day and age, it's fun to read something so...'refreshing'!"


Betsy Bird

A Fuse #8 Production, School Library Journal

"Sorry, Walter the Farting Dog. I think it's fair to say that this is probably the best picture book about toots I've ever read. Take my advice and put away your scruples. You shouldn't turn up your nose at this."


Adam Rex

Author and illustrator, On Account of the Gum

"Wish I had thought of it first!"


Kyle Mann

Editor-in-Chief of The Babylon Bee

"If there was one thing lacking in Dr. Seuss' work, it was fart jokes. Huffman has rectified this with a delightful children's book, equal parts Seuss and giggle-inducing fart humor."



the ancient earth of



the whimsical world of

The Toot Fairy

LEVIATHAN cover.jpg

“Full of fearsome beauty, conflict, and wonder, Leviathan is as engrossing as it is epic. A spectacular start to an adventure both ancient and new.”

-Tosca Lee, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Havah and Iscariot

Reviews for

The Antediluvian Legacy

"I haven’t read anything like this before. I’m not even sure anyone has written anything like this before. If you like Tolkien or Game of Thrones but wish those had dinosaurs, you should check this series out."

-Christopher Hubler, Amazon Review

“A captivating tale of Noah’s earlier years, combining romance, riveting action, and exhilarating adventure.”

-Tim Chaffey, Director of the Ark Encounter and Author of The Truth Chronicles Series

FALLEN cover.jpg

“This exciting story about the event that changed our world and the unforgettable man Noah, whom God used to make it come to pass, will captivate your interest.”

-Tim LaHaye, Best-Selling Author of the Left Behind Series

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